About Us

About Us

PostACrime is an online tech news website that keeps you up to date with the goings-on in the computer and information technology world. We also give you a chance to contribute your thoughts on the tech stories we publish.

You will notice that we go the extra mile to bring you informative, insightful and interesting news, analysis, opinions and reviews on many tech topics including the growth of the tech industry, latest innovations, goings-on in Silicon Valley and the changing face of everyday technologies.

Our news team is diverse and is based in several locations around the world, ready to give you insights into the world of tech from every corner of the world.

Furthermore, our team of writers, researchers and editors is dedicated to bringing you the latest and the most intriguing news from the world of technology, so that you can align your personal and business visions to the newest technologies for greater productivity.

Take part in the creation process by talking to Postacrime today. We would like to hear from you; give us your feedback on the stories we publish and join other readers in giving your take on the day’s top computer news and tech news stories.