Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud-based service, specifically designed to assist in meeting your needs for strong security, user productivity and reliability, and help you save time and money, and free up your valuable resources.


Office 365 incorporates the cloud-based version of Microsoft’s next-gen collaboration and communications with the familiar Microsoft Office desktop suite to improve users’ productivity from almost everywhere on the internet.


When you move to cloud-based services, you entrust your service provider with your most confidential, sensitive and critical data. Because security is the number one priority for your business success, Microsoft has developed strong policies, controls, and systems designated specifically for Office 365 users, meant to keep your information safe. Your preferred consulting firm, like Entrance Consulting Office 365 experts will make sure your information stays safe in the cloud.


If you store data in Office 365, it belongs to you only; and that means you are the only one with complete control over it. Office 365 gives you privacy control and access to your data and its location, people with its access as well as changes or availability to the service.


Microsoft allows you to enable the security policies of your data by default and customize your Office 365 environment to you fit your security needs. The following are some of the measures put in place to secure your data.


Secure infrastructure


Office 365 has introduced serious security principles to protect stored data against external and internal security risks. Microsoft’s global presence has made it possible for its customers to use advanced techniques and strategies to defend their data from network attacks and that’s something other providers or customer organizations can match.


The goal of Microsoft is to strengthen their global footprint, engage different internet providers, both public and private all over the world to improve their internet presence. This strategy gives Microsoft the ability to detect and defend attacks across a vast area.


Threat management


Office 365 has a serious threat management system which involves identifying a threat’s intent, its capability, and the probability of the threat to succeed if left unchecked. The strategies used to protect against such threats are based on the industry’s standards and best practices.


Users of Office 365 enjoy a strong email protection against viruses, spam, and malware. Office 365 also provides a service known as advanced threat protection, responsible for filtering emails and it provides extra protection against specific threats.




Office 365 gives its users the opportunity to access their data wherever they are, using different devices like laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. Microsoft has developed Microsoft Intune, which manages all mobile devices and is used to manage and protect devices across Android, Apple iOS, and Windows platforms. While using Microsoft Intune, you can identify, monitor and protect sensitive information.

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